What is ePOS?

There is a common misconception, made by many ePOS providers in that we assume that everybody knows what ePOS is. Or even does.

what is ePOS?
What is ePOS?

Often a sales person will be talking to a garden centre owner, and from the moment the word ‘ePOS’ is mentioned, their eyes glaze over. No longer listening as they frantically try to figure out what that rep is talking about: Barcoding, Databases, Labelling or does he mean Loyalty Schemes or Webshops …… or Websites???

So, let us explain exactly just what is ePOS.

‘ePOS’ is an acronym for “Electronic Point of Sale”. Put in simpler terms; a computerised till system with receipt printers, cash drawer and barcode scanner. It records all sales data, profitability, margins and customer information with individual loyalty balances. For many garden centres, it also manages stock and purchasing so a business always knows what it has, doesn’t have or doesn’t need, without physically counting.

In the late eighties, when ePOS was first introduced to our industry, it was very labour intensive and could complicate a business.

Several garden centres tried to embrace ‘the new technology’, only to get their fingers burned to the point that it put them off forever.

Since those early days retail technology has moved on. With the arrival of Microsoft Windows in the early nineties, much more reliable systems were developed, leaving many of the horror stories behind. As systems developed to meet the needs of the industry; bigger, faster and better computers were required for everything to function properly. This meant that many ePOS users needed a very comprehensive IT structure in place to handle it.

As the industry leading provider of garden centre ePOS, NedFox decided to do something different when the opportunity arrived.

In the Clouds

On 9th August 2006, Google CEO Eric Smith introduced ‘Cloud Computing’ to an industry conference and ‘The Cloud’ was born. The following year NedFox was the first to embrace this new technology. In 2007 we started to develop the first Cloud-Based ePOS system for the garden centre industry; RetailVista.

Due to the introduction of cloud computing, RetailVista users do not need to have expensive and complicated server type computers on site.

Since 2007 NedFox has invested over 50-man years, into the continued development of RetailVista. Which means that we offer the garden centre industry a finely tuned and unrivalled solution.

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