TV recordings on-site at Tuincentrum Leurs

Mrs. Peggy Leurs, MD of Tuincentrum Leurs

ViridiCode @ Tuincentrum Leurs

  • Mark Vroom, CTO at NedFox, visited Tuincentrum Leurs with RTL-Z (Dutch Television Station) for a film about Dutch Garden Centre innovations.

Take a look at the website of Tuincentrum Leurs here:


NedFox is one of the leading company’s for garden centre innovations. ViridiCode is one of them.


ViridiCode is an incentive to standardise barcoding of plants in the garden industry. Avideo says more than many pages of text can, take a look here! In contrast to ‘dry goods’, the appearance of plants is constantly changing (and therefore the pricing) and is therefore much harder to barcode than sundries.

By introducing a standard for the barcoding of live goods, plants can be placed directly on sale, without any further action. The ViridiCode also gives the option to order plants electronically, from any application that is available in-store and on the sales floor, instead of ordering items in a range of webshop environments from the various suppliers.

From this, you can see how the ViridiCode prevents the same plant from appearing many different times in the product file, with all kinds of different barcodes, which subsequently makes ordering very complicated.In addition to the above, the ViridiCode ultimately ensures correct statistics, stock administration and track & trace on plantsViridiCode is a partnership project between NedFox BV, Plant Collect and Garden Connect.