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6 reasons why you should sell a digital gift card

It happens to everyone now and then, forgetting to buy a present on time. Or maybe being unable to visit their uncle who lives far away. That is why we have developed the digital gift card in partnership with Garden Connect.  This great option is available to garden centres using RetailVista for the ePOS and […]

Bosrand Garden Centre Group 4+ Stores

In February 2020 NedFox finalised a migration project for the Bosrand garden centre group. The Bosrand garden centre group is a family run business in Holland totalling 4 large stores. With around 40 tills between the 4 sites, each of the garden centres have become a destination site in their home districts in Holland. The […]

Another successful ePOS conversion by NedFox

Goldcliff Garden Centre is the latest successful ePOS conversion. Goldcliff Garden Centre is a family run business with Matthew Hicks, wife Liz and daughter Charlotte all working full time within the business along with other members of staff. We met Matthew at the GLEE tradeshow in 2019. He described to us several reasons as to […]

Loyalty cards – how NedFox & Garden Connect work together to bring you a market leading solution

Loyalty cards are used by many retailers to collect contact details and make analysis. The power of big online retailers such as eBay and Amazon is that they know their customers: not personally, but thanks to the great amount of data they know exactly who they should approach and at what time. Many consider Amazon […]

Bosrand garden centre group Warehouse

The new Bosrand garden centre group warehouse in Oegstgeest is automated with RetailVista. At the moment the first trailers with goods are booked-in. Bosrand uses RetailVista Mobile (Android) to have and maintain all important information on the floor. Fun project to test the power of RetailVista! Visit the Bosrand Garden Centres website here (tip – […]

Carpenders Park Garden Centre converted from Easitill to NedFox’ RetailVista

Carpenders Park Garden Centre are pleased as punch to be fully converted from their previous ePOS system to our cutting edge solution; RetailVista by NedFox Ltd. Ernst, Martin and Dave from NedFox have just spent 3 days with Carpenders Park (November 2019), installing 6 tills and performing training with the relevant staff. On the last […]

Thank You for visiting at GLEE 2019

Wow! What a show! Thank you to all the visitors who came to see us at GLEE 2019. NedFox have again had a really enjoyable GLEE and met many businesses who are keen to modernise their EPoS or are thinking about adding EPoS for the first time. We have been getting in touch with all […]

Glee Exhibition 2019 with NedFox

‘Glee’ is the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show, showcasing the freshest and most exciting brands, amazing new products and inspiring garden retail insights.

Boardmeeting in Kettering

NedFox and GardenConnect at a 'board meeting' in Kettering.

TV recordings on-site at Tuincentrum Leurs

ViridiCode @ Tuincentrum Leurs Mark Vroom, CTO at NedFox, visited Tuincentrum Leurs with RTL-Z (Dutch Television Station) for a film about Dutch Garden Centre innovations. Take a look at the website of Tuincentrum Leurs here: Innovation NedFox is one of the leading company’s for garden centre innovations. ViridiCode is one of them. Viridicode ViridiCode […]

Merryhatton Garden Centre

Merryhatton Garden Centre is East Lothian’s longest established garden centre and a favourite for all generations of customer. It is open 7 days a week and conveniently located minutes from the A1. It is the perfect destination for a day trip, to meet friends, grab some lunch at the Merryhatton Café, or just a quick pop […]

J A C K P O T…. Out of the box thinking from NedFox

Reward a random customer and make their day. Enable bonus rewards based on number of transactions. With our RetailVista ePOS solution, you can use one of our great features to enable your tills to offer bonus Jackpots to a random customer based on number of transactions. For example, you can choose to give every 25th customer £5 on their rewards card. Or every […]

See us in the HTA magazine this month!

NedFox have a full page article in the HTA magazine this month. We fully recommend that you have a read of the May issue of the HTA News magazine, to find it, please click the following link and have a read HTA Magazine PDF – May 2019 (find us on page 24!).

Physical customer counter : What is your conversion rate ?

Why is customer traffic and conversion important to know? Most retailers use a combination of instinct and cash register/ePOS data to measure the number of customers they have had in the store, but your till can only measure the number of sales, not the number of customers who physically walked through the door. With NedFox’ Physical Customer […]

Plant barcoding optimalisation

Mark Vroom, CTO of NedFox is visiting Leurs garden center in Venlo for process optimisation barcoding of plants. RetailVista has recently been able to process EKT messages from the auctionclock and Excel sheets with VBN codes to ViridiCode bar codes, Great time savings For our Dutch readers, see: http://www.viridicode.nlFor our English readers; contact us via […]

Bosrand Garden Centre Group

Mark Vroom, CTO, of NedFox visited the ‘Bosrand Garden Centre group‘ yesterday to make further appointments regarding the implementation of RetailVista at their new (5th) garden centre & warehouse in Oegstgeest. Nice project ! The Bosrand group has 5 garden centres and a warehouse with a total of 50+ ePOS tills.

Another Cloud-Based ePOS and Retail Management installation completed

Lakeside Plant and Garden Centre, near Telford. The total process from first contact to completion, took less than 2-months. The website and customer loyalty scheme are fully integrated, as well as the coffee-shop/restaurant. The owners of the garden centre, Steve and Cathy Evans commented: “We looked at a number of different providers but in the […]

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s by pricer)

NedFox impresses business owners with innovative Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL’s) by Pricer ESL; Update all your shelf edge pricing with the click of a button. No more paper printed labels. Saves time and money & Looks great. The electronic shelf labels are manufactured by pricer. Tuincentrum Osdorp in the Netherlands started a pilot together with […]

NedFox expands UK team as Dave Everett joins

NedFox are proud to welcome Dave Everett to the team. We know he can’t wait to explain to you why NedFox are the Dutch Superheroes of Horticultural ePOS.

Best Glee for many years

This Glee has been a great success for NedFox – “the best for many years”, says Martin Tank of NedFox. There seems to be a greater awareness of the benefits of ‘The Cloud’and many retailers are looking to upgrade their old (server-based) systems. There is also a sense of optimism in the trade which means many […]

Radway Bridge Garden Centre

Radway Bridge Garden Centre Andrew Pearson – Proprietor Modules include: Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Invoicing, Loyalty Scheme, Gift Cards, Purchase Orders, Goods In, Webshop Interface and Excel Interface. Also included – 1 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computer.

Thirsk Garden Centre

Thirsk Garden Centre Autumn 2013 – Installation 5-till system: Modules include:  Catering, Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Sales on Account, Invoicing, Loyalty Scheme, Gift Cards, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Warehouse Location, EDI (Webshop), Goods-In, Webshop Interface and Excel Interface. Also included – 1 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computers.

Customer Conversion Trends -> Discover the trends!

Conversion rate: The relationship between people who buy, and people who don’t. Do you know how many people leave the garden centre and not bought anything ?When do your customers peak, every day of the week ? Are they using you for checking prices and buying elsewhere, perhaps online ?It is hard enough getting the new […]

CashGuard closed cash system

Robbery ? Till differences ? Pilfering ? Errors while exchanging ? Security issues around the counting or skimming of your till ? CashGuard is your solution ! How does it work ? Click here for more information

Short film: Garden Centre ePOS with RetailVista by NedFox

Click the ‘read more’ button to see the short film about NedFox with the Cloud Based  Garden Centre ePOS solution made at Everton Nurseries Garden Centre. Mr. Simon Collyer, Director of Everton Nurseries Garden Centre explains why he has chosen for NedFox for the Garden Centre ePOS solution RetailVista from NedFox. fter seeing the short film you […]

NedFox exhibiting at Future Lines Garden Centre Retail Event with RetailVista Garden Centre ePOS

NedFox, the new UK garden centre ePOS provider will show their cutting-edge cloud-based ePOS solution at this new and exciting event. M.D. Ernst van der Linde said: “the event gives us a great opportunity to show how far we have come in the field of ePOS. Our cloud solution allows the user to access their […]

NedFox receives Accreditation by request of the retail sector

Mr Mark Vroom, Technical Director of NedFox B.V. received the Kassakeurmerk Accreditation for their RetailVista ePOS System. Keurmerk Accreditations – by request of the retail sector Mark Vroom: “We were regularly asked by garden centres if RetailVista had this prestigious certification for the category ‘Reliable POS’, so we decided to go for it. The most […]

Taverham Nursery Centre, Norwich

Taverham Nursery Centre, Norwich Spring 2015 – Installation 8-till system: Modules include: Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Sales on Account, Invoicing, Sage Accounts Integration, Loyalty Scheme, National and Own Gift Cards, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Warehouse Location, Goods-In and Excel Interface. Also included – 4 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computers.

Why is RetailVista Omnichannel instead of Multichannel? And why you should care

The difference between ‘Omnichannel’ and ‘Multichannel’ retailing Omnichannel retailing is like multichannel retailing, but with a much broader vision of the opportunity. Whereas multichannel retailing is about increasing the number of supported sales channels, omnichannel retailing focuses on data- and infrastructure-readiness to deliver an all-inclusive view of the customer relationship on any channel. The difficulty […]

Praxis Garden recently chose for NedFox’ RetailVista

NedFox, together with their partner Abacus launched the preliminary work last week to achieve a successful implementation during the course of 2017.

HTA Garden Retail Monitor

A new resource for garden centres is nearing launch. It will help benchmark sales performance against regional and national averages for garden centres.  It looks like being a great resource for monitoring and managing performance. Finding opportunities to improve.  And it looks like it will provide the sort of data that the banks are keen […]

Garden Connect and NedFox teamed up

To integrate the Garden Connect e-marketing services into the NedFox’ cloud-based RetailVista platform Garden Connect and NedFox teamed up. The completely open structure enables seamless integration of unlimited services, via their unique ERP Suite. ERP is business process management software, that allows a company to use a system of integrated applications (the service platform) to […]

Tuinland started with NedFox’ Cloud Based ePOS on 50+ tills

In June 2016 Tuinland started with RetailVista, the cloud based ePOS solution of NedFox on their 50+ tills. Tuinland Garden Centres, with 4 sites and over 50 tills started with RetailVista Cloud based ePOS on Monday the 4th of July. Initially Tuinland will start with 18 Motorola handheld terminals (PDA’s) which will be used for stock taking, sale orders, purchase orders, […]

Hartwell Fencing & Paving

In June 2016 Hartwell Fencing & Paving started using RetailVista, NedFox’ cloud-based ePOS solution.Proprietors Neil & Julie Bowness started with 4 tills, 2 in the nursery, and 2 in the fencing & paving department. As their company is growing it was unevitable that a state-of-the-art ePOS system was needed as the central system in order to facilitate further growth. After setup of […]

Exceptional performance achieved by Aylings Garden Centre of Trotton

Within a month after buying the old, depleted Maple Ridge Garden Centre from the receivers, the new owners, Green Club Ltd re-invigorated this great garden centre to its former glory – Aylings Garden Centre, on the A272 near Petersfield, Hampshire. After selecting NedFox’ RetailVista as their ePOS provider, the Partners decided to use the services […]

HTA Members “Knights Garden Centres” started with NedFox’ Cloud Based ePOS

In February 2017 Knights Garden Centres started with RetailVista, the cloud based ePOS solution of NedFox. Both sites Nags Hall & Betchworth where implemented at 2nd and 3rd February. Knights Garden Centres where very serious about starting with NedFox’ ePOS and all the benefits it will bring them. At Knights one person got an instruction […]

RetailVista EDI, to enable you to work more efficiently

What is EDI? EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange: the exchange of data between companies in an electronic way. This happens in a standardised way. Benefits are speed, convenience and fewer errors in the exchange of the data. The integration of EDI into RetailVista “Openness” has been a fundamental principle in the development of RetailVista. […]

NedFox offers new label feature: printing labels, with unique reference number, ideal for Christmas tree sales!

For example: when labelling Christmas trees, it is now possible to create and print reference numbers for each individual tree, for each batch printed. For the customer and for you this makes the Christmas tree sale far more efficient. You tear off the customer part of the label, the customer goes to the check-out, pays […]

ViridiCode – NedFox’s answer to the long-standing need for universal coding of plants

ViridiCode consists of a unique two-dimensional barcode where the barcode represents a specific plant batch. Because the code is unique worldwide, a link can be made from the retail environment to, for example, delivery notes, using the same code. As a result, the purchase price can be retrieved, for example, without it showing in the […]

RetailVista Parcel Service integration, so you can make your business more efficient

Track & Trace: Track deliveries If you organise deliveries, usually from webshop orders, customers may like to track the shipment. RetailVista can register packages for parcel services. RetailVista stores the ‘Track & Trace barcode’ that the parcel service creates, for the specific delivery. There are parcel services that send an e-mail with information to the […]

The Dutch buying & marketing group GroenRijk goes live with their group loyalty scheme.

The GroenRijk Garden Centre Group, with members throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and an online shop, started a project in 2017 for a National Customer Card, integrated with RetailVista. The existing NedFox’ e-Loyalty scheme was used for this purpose. The objective of the ‘GroenRijk Customer Card’, called Groenkaart, is to gain an insight into the purchasing […]

Cherry Hill Garden Centre (Middlesbrough) moves into ‘The Cloud’

Database conversion:During March 2018, just before Easter, the Cherry Hill (Swan/G7) database was converted into RetailVista. Main tills:Upon arrival, the main- and restaurant tills where set-up. Within a couple of hours Cherry Hill was operating the new RetailVista tills. All cashiers were trained personally, in under 30 minutes each. For the cashiers the operating of […]

Save £1,000’s, annually! (on best card payment rates)

NedFox and Paymentsense Partnership     Saves retailers £1,000’s, annually! NedFox Ltd has teamed up with ‘Paymentsense’, to provide cloud-based payment technology, fully integrated into the RetailVista’s ePOS platform.  ‘Paymentsense’ is one of Europe’s largest merchant service provider, serving more than 50,000 small and medium sized businesses, to process over £5 billion worth of card […]

Card terminals Free of Charge? – 2-day fund clearing? Best possible card payment rates ? Is this possible?

Yes, it is! Find out what savings you could make, as part of a cutting-edge cloud-based garden centre ePOS solution, including free card terminal rental and 2-day fund clearing. This may go a long way towards the service cost of our ePOS solution. Contact NedFox HERE This offer is valid till 30th of June 2018

RetailVista Mobile – now available from your phone, tablet or portable scanner

ePOS on your smartphone ! The big advantage of RetailVista Mobile is that this works on almost every device with an Apple IOS* or Android** operating system. This can be a telephone, a tablet, or a portable scanner.With RetailVista Mobile, you do not need to set all the functions on each device, just select what […]

Everton Garden Centre

Everton Garden Centre: Simon and John Collyer April 2013 – Installation 4-till system, including restaurant: Modules include: Catering, Labelling, Statistics, Delivery on Account, Invoicing, Loyalty Scheme, Purchases Ordering, Goods-In, Accounting Exports (Sage) and Excel Interface. Also 2 PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) hand-held computers.

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