Loyalty – rewarding your customers rewards your business

With a NedFox Loyalty scheme in place you can maximise customer footfall, spends and retention – for individual stores or groups of stores

Loyalty – for individual stores

  • The customer can save points with the scheme – people like saving points.
  • Points on product groups but also specific quiet periods with multiple point promotions.
  • Promotions can be made available to ‘card-holders’ only.
  • Customer specific offers based on previous purchases (the supermarket way).
  • Mailings and newsletters can be sent, based on customer purchases.
  • Access to customer details and sales receipts via your website or mobile APP.
  • Complete digital eloyalty which can be scanned from the customer’s smartphone at the check-out.

eLoyalty – for groups

  • With e-Loyalty, customer identification, savings or promotions are perfectly dealt with for (local) groups of shops.
  • Optionally, cardholders’  details can be linked to one specific shop (protection of customer base of that shop).
  • Existing local savings can often be transferred to e-loyalty, without issuing new cards.
  • Seamless integration with offline stores and online webshops, giving the same customer experience.
  • Customer behaviour can be followed at head office level, via business intelligence (B.I.).
  • Organisation control possible through the e-Loyalty website.

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