Access your Management information from anywhere, anytime, with NedFox’ Backoffice ERP; RetailVista!

Login to NedFox’ backoffice ERP ‘RetailVista’ from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and web browser.

Access all of your businesses important information from anywhere in the world. For instance from the shop floor, your home, on holiday or at trade shows when speaking to suppliers.

Sales made through the till are sent to the cloud as they happen so the backoffice is always up-to-the-minute. Most importantly, you are able to make informed decisions for ordering, promotions and more. Similarly, any changes made on the backoffice or through our mobile APP are sent directly to the till.

End-of-day batch processes are not required for synchronising sales data and product changes. In short, our realtime solution eliminates the need for this type of dated solution.

No backoffice ERP licenses needed!

One advantage is the freedom of RetailVista. It is not installed on to a PC, rather just accessed via a web browser. Consequently you can run an unlimited number of backoffice ERP applications without a ‘per work-station’ or ‘per user’ charge.

Safer in the Cloud

Our backoffice ERP solution is cloud based so all of your data is safe and secure. The cloud data centres are hosted in Amsterdam and have failover locations should there ever be a problem. Most importantly, all of your data is backed up for you so you never need to worry about it. Above all, we are proud to say we have never suffered any downtime, data breach or loses of any kind.

Backoffice ERP - Secure - SSL with 2048 bit encryption

Backoffice ERP
NedFox' feature rich Backoffice ERP; RetailVista

RetailVista - Product Statistics, 2 period comparison

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