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NedFox is based in the Netherlands as well as in the United Kingdom.  We are the largest providers of Cloud-Based ePOS in Europe. We are proud to provide these services to over 400 garden centres. That is more than 2,000 tills in operation right now.


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About NedFox – Europe’s first Cloud Based ePOS – the only choice in retail solutions, and this is why:

NedFox was the first ePOS provider in Europe to offer a Cloud-Based solution. Most importantly we have remained very much at the forefront of this technology. In 2013, NedFox entered the UK garden centre market, as existing UK ePOS providers had not embraced this technology (largely due to the cost of development of such systems as well as to protect their existing server-based programs).

‘Cloud-based’ is a completely future proof solution that is considerably more advanced, tried & tested than any other UK system. Meaning we can offer seamless integration with any existing e-Marketing services you may have. These include but are not limited to; Click & Collect, Web Shops, Phone Apps and Customer Newsletter.  In short, we believe the UK is ready to adopt this new technology.

NedFox has set-out to become the leading ePOS provider in the UK garden centre sector through the application of cutting-edge Cloud-Based POS technology. Our solution is perfect for the single-site garden centre. However, multi site retailers or buying and marketing groups get an even greater advantage through the central structure of the application, which is so difficult to achieve through the conventional server-based platforms.

The ability for advanced integration of business and marketing functions via the open structure of ‘Cloud-Based’ will, for many businesses be the most important reason to adopt this well-tested technology.

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